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What is AI Concept Stidio?

The Largest AI Community created to enable power of AI in right direction and meet huge demand across the globe, inspiring the world of future data science professionals, scientists and technologies.

Our Mission

Aiming at building future AI Professionals across globe through various UG, PG & Research programs, accreditations, Internships, rapid prototyping platforms and many more. Keeping the increasing demand globally in AI & Data related markets, our focus extends not only career support, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning model building techniques for sustainable and growing market needs


Our Approach

It’s simple and structured. Connect, Get trained, Find your mentor, validate your ideas and execute in easy steps. AICS provides a well-connected, carefully crafted programs which allows a systematic and scientific approach to achieve your goals


Over 130+ companies/data science professionals/research scholars/student communities are closely connected in this platform to cater your needs. Get your queries answered and move on to the world of AI…


AICS provides undergrad programs, research programs under UGRO, TSTP & 5’ Concept Studio programs to improve your skills and get hands-on training in AI & ML. Focused & Industry oriented hands-on training is being offered so as to give confidence to handle real world problems easily.

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Select your mentor under whom you want to get trained or get professional guidance.
Changing technology always keeps us to learn and keep ourselves updated. AICS Mentor connect platform allows you to meet highly qualified professionals in AI Space.

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Validation of any idea or solution needs lot of effort. You need real, hands-on feedback which genuinely support and go to next level. Our team of experts validate not only your ideas, business models, provides feasibility analysis services up on request. This approach saves lot of time and effort in terms of resources, infrastructure as well as other over heads in a short time.

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Betting on new technology is a challenging task altogether. Proof of Concept is essential and plays vital role in enterprise data world. Keeping the increasing demand and business use cases at enterprise level, AICS creates a platform called "The MAYAN" for rapid prototyping support for enterprises to get a taste of Artificial Intelligence and a solid evidence demonstrates your real world problem.

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