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Principal Advisor, Core Team Member

Manoj Kumar

Digital transformation leader with strong background in AI/ML, Data Science, research. Robust 19+ years of experience in diverse domains, primarily in natural resources, manufacturing and energy. Out of these, 10+ years of experiences in leading business and digital transformation using data science, analytics, AI and machine learning algorithms coupled with expert level due diligence, solution designing and deployment on various infrastructures ranging from on-prem to cloud to hybrid and small to big data, (both structured and unstructured). Adept at solving complex business problems using various analytics tools and programming languages.

Activities And Skills
  • Good Business Consultants are Excellent Communicators
  • At the End of a Project, Good Business Consultants Can “Let it Go”
  • Good Business Consultants Find Fulfilling Alternatives to Long-Term Work...
  • Good Business Consultants are Willing to Travel Where the Work Is
  • Write a Business Plan that Clearly Articulates the Following
Professional Skills
Market Research
Sales Services
Online Reputation
Strategic Consulting